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Reason for Change

Free Geek faces two problems. The need for more staff and the development of new revenue sources. Free Geek currently does not have the budget to hire more staff. This proposal address two problems.

1) Using funds that went to the Revenue Coordinator to hire and pay a "build/volunteer coordinator".

2) Developing a new souce of renvue through a eBay virtual store, via a provisional commission based position.

Proposed Time Frame

June 25 - 30, 2008 HR committee generates job description and prepare ad
July 1 - 8, 2008 Resumes collected
July 9 - 11 Resumes sorted and interviews setup
July 12, 2008 Interview
July 13, 2008 Hiring decision
July 15 - 31, 2008 first day of work for new position and start training
Aug 5, 2008 - Ebay position starts

Job Description

1) Maintain eBay and Paypal accounts
2) Coordination with Warehouse Coordinator to ensure items for sale are caught and separated
3) Responsible for all shipping duties related to eBay sales

This position would not require the eBay Coordinator to be present during open hours. eBay coordinator must be present at all staff meetings to report on status.

Duties assumed by eBay coordinator for provisional period

1) Maintaining all book keeping duties.
2) Maintaining stock of store and pricing.
3) Coordinating pickup service

Temporary Commission based pay

1)Pay is capped at current fulltime FG wage.
2)Commission is 20% of end sale not including shipping

Work Space Requirements

New space will be required for eBay work. Currently David is looking for space 200 - 500sq feet in close proximity to Free Geek. The extra cost of space will eventually become a Free Geek cost. Work could commence from home first, or newly freed up space from the creation of a new server room.

Transition of Store Duties

The retail aspect of the store could be largely done by volunteers. The position could be an un-paid "work experience" position or internship. This would ultimately be under the coordination of the the build/volunteer coordinator. This transition would require some form of inventory to prevent theft. The inventory could start as a basic list of high end items, and in future could be replaced by a proper POS.