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Day 1

  • Card sorting training
  • Ram testing training
  • Eval training

Day 2

  • Network Device Sorting training
  • Volunteer orientation
  • Documented Camphor on wiki (server documentation, hosts/camphor)
  • Pre-dismantle training
  • Entered Volunteer information
  • Documented above procedure on wiki (Volunteer Database Intake Form)
  • Posted Staff review consent form to wiki

Day 3

  • QC training
  • Mice testing
  • Read staff review procedures, began comparison to other institutions. One institute explicitly states evidence based review criticism, possible recommendation.
  • Wrote and posted mouse testing policy
  • Posted larger font printer testing policy

Day 4

  • Laptop training
  • Read gneral meeting minutes, only staff meeting posted on wiki. Prep for minute taking.
  • Took minutes at staff meeting.

Day 5

  • Dismantle and motherboard ripping.
  • Documented procedure to add users to LTSP using command line, GUI having issues Ltsp user add
  • Started Free Friday section on wiki.
  • Formatted latest meeting minutes for wiki but could not send to minutes checker.
  • Reviewed Printer Documentation and hung up larger print.

Day 6

  • Trained volunteers on printer/scanner testing
  • Documented Scanner testing.
  • Documented alder
  • Initial contact of consensus based organizations on HR policy
  • Talked to people about POS + Inventory DB
  • researched roundup user groups. Called roles, can be extended to our needs.
  • Attended ops meeting.
  • Closing procedure training.

Day 7

  • Handled phones/volunteers/Mezz duty
  • Data entry
  • Wikified ops meeting minutes (not sent out due to e-mail being down)
  • Response from co-op radio about policy
    • Chatted with Robin and recieved e-mail detailing what they do.
  • Training for doing orientations.
  • Interviewed more staff about needs for inventory database and POS.
  • Looked up information on various database frontends and POS software.
  • Cleaned washroom

Day 8

  • Sent out minutes to lists
  • Sent out co-op radio policy
  • Desk duty
  • Trained volunteers in printer testing station
  • Inventory/POS db software wiki page and request for ideas to ML.

Day 9

  • Receiving training
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Searching for and wiki formatting past staff meeting minutes
  • Updated personal page with articles made/modified.

Day 10

  • Trained volunteers on receiving and small dismantle.
  • wikified more meeting minutes
  • Trained volunteer on dismantle
  • Updated receiving stub
  • Entered volunteer info

Day 11

  • Documented PSU testing
  • Trained volunteer on small dismantle
  • Mezz duty
  • Wikified more meeting minutes

Day 12

  • Trained volunteers on dismantle/sm, recieving
  • Documented arbutus
  • Entered vol info and list subscribers
  • Mezz duty

Day 13

  • Receiving
  • Monitor testing
  • Attended staff meeting, took minutes.
    • Wiki formatted and sent to list
  • Received HR policy call from PIRG but was busy, will call back and have discussion.

Day 14

  • Received HR policy call from BCCC.
  • Wikified minutes
  • Mezz duty
  • Mins editing.

Day 15

  • Wikified more minutes
  • Contacted downtown eastside womens centre
  • Mezz duty

Day 16

  • Wikified more minutes
  • Supervised training on pre-dismantle.
  • entered vols into db

Day 17

  • Created list for people who want to be on ann list.
  • Hwgrants training
  • Added grants to roundup
  • dismantle + printer training.

Day 18

  • Receiving
  • Wiki formatted old minutes
  • Contacted Sparticus books

Day 19

  • Finished ann list.
  • Data entry
  • Printing vol forms.
  • discussion/e-mail script for hwgrants
  • Mezz duty

Day 20

  • Trnd Printer Testing
  • Mezz
  • added minutes category to older minutes and formatted

Day 21

  • Trained printer testing
  • Contacted PIRG for HR policy
  • biblical language taken out of public forum policy.
  • Minutes formatting

Day 22

  • Trained printer testing
  • ops meeting
  • Posted general meeting minutes to staff list after editing with Ifny
  • Seeing which printers are acceptable for Mezz use.
  • Mezz duty.

Day 23

  • Documented receiving procedures in wiki
  • First look at security system, to be documented at Security_System
  • Mezz duty
  • Took minutes for staff meeting
  • Sent out general meeting minutes to general list.

Day 24

  • data entry
  • partial doc of sec
  • Wikified minutes

Day 25

  • Finished wikifing meeting minutes
  • Extrapolating policy from minutes.
  • Moved burner box
  • Updated CAS wiki page with Jordan's suggestions.
  • Explained list to roundup script to vol who started work on it, listtoroundup.php on guest03

Day 26

  • Checked through ops meeting minutes and posted some backlog.
  • Checked/categorized various articles on wiki.
  • Mezz duty.
  • data entry
  • moved build pages

Day 27

  • Worked with voln for list2roundup script
  • Placed order for supplies
  • Mezz duty
  • Found/printed build sheets

Day 28

  • Mezz duty
  • Minutes at staff meeting
  • Categorized previous staff minutes in category:minutes (forgot to do it initially).

Day 29

  • Mezz duty
  • Network Printer up and running!
  • Tour training
  • Data entry.



  • Awaiting response of meeting checker, post minutes to wiki when done.
    • FInd old meeting minutes on staff list
      • Send to Ifny after removal of sensitive info and wiki markup.
        • Post on wiki
          • Send email to general list that meetings updated
  • Take articles in category meetings and change to meeting minutes
    • Search through ml for previous minutes
      • Format for wiki
        • Send to minutes checker.
  • Create groups in Roundup
  • Server documentation
  • FInd some software that can handle inventory. Use Free Geek portland. TAlk to on iRC, Vagrantc Ryan54 Rifras CC: Patrick, Tyler, Jamie, Ifny
    • POS and database
  • and others.
  • Update phone page
  • Send question to sw-list, mediawiki deletion of history
  • Policy/documentation for Payroll/new employee
  • read Bylaws
  • Read agm minutes
  • Organizational narrative.
  • Tips.
  • Script hwgrants mailing list to roundup.
  • Re-order mailing list code of conduct page as per ops meeting 2009-08-18
  • Put all free-geek policies on page
  • Script to crawl through wiki extrapolating commits from minutes

HR Policy

  • Look up discipline hr policy other organizations- pivot.
    • Free Geek Portland
      • Online
    • Pivot
      • Being sent to Jessica
    • Rape Reliefe
      • Someone is making contact, they will send.
    • Women's health collective
      • Tammy- number in e-mail.
    • Vancouver co-op radio
      • Look online/make contact.
        • Robin McNabb
          • They have some policies, called at 12:10. Will send by e-mail. Luu time- they make thier own hours. THey work for board of directors (their employer)
        • Membership & Outreach Co-ordinator
        • outreach [AT] coopradio [DOT] org
        • 604-684-8494 ext. 230
          • Left message, 20090728
    • Compassion club
      • Consensus based as well
        • Yearly evalution. 3 month probation. month b4 due, sent out eval forms. 3-4 ppl fill out forms. If lots of bad points, back on probation.
        • Will get back to us with someone in HR.
        • They are in the process of compiling a handbook.
        • Going to send us eval process.
    • PERG
      • Emily will call back, called back, number on desktop.
      • Hiring/firing, employee discipline, performance issues, evaluation process, staff conduct, public forum policies-mailing lists.
        • Hiring
          • One board member, staff, volunteer (min one each) as a comitee. They do hiring process, if perminant it goes to board. If temp, comitee makes decision.
          • Don't fire people. Board of directors tend to be younger students. don't have tons of experience, staff operates collective, no exec director and challenge.
          • Going through the process right now
          • due to less experience board, operate on a board/staff level more than other collective organisaitons, but more emphasis on staff collective dealing with exec directors roles.
          • Might go to board, but will bring outside consultant (if staff conflict, need adressed, work ethic). Do need system to get rid of people.
          • If conflict, mediator, if issue with work performance other staff will adress with person and bring with organisation.
          • List with all members, no policy as there has been issue.
          • No evaluation process. Staff reports that may reflect.
          • On paper, yes but reality no.
  • DTES women's association.
  • Spartacus books.
    • Made contact, didn't know how to answer
    • They are completely volunteer based, no paid staff, so it's a little different


  • HISTORY NEEDS TO BE REMOVED Staff Meeting - 2009-04-24
  • Mailing list archive need to not create new lines on sentence ending for easier wikification

POS + inventory database info

IRC Log with mothership

Main CHannel=

<Alishams> Anyone from the mothership around? I'm an intern at freegeek vancouver and we're wondering what you use for POS+inventory database. Anyone know? <Ryan52> Alishams: fgdb.rb <Ryan52> (freegeek database on rails) <Ryan52> Alishams: it doesn't do inventory. this is intentional. <Alishams> I see.... what do you guys use for inventory? <Ryan52> we don't do inventory. <Ryan52> because tracking stuff at freegeek doesn't work. <Alishams> a systemic thing, or no software to do tracking? <Ryan52> it's a human problem. <Ryan52> I think. <Ryan52> at one point there was inventory tracking software, but it didn't work out. the software was fine, but... <Alishams> lol. thanks for the info, i'll hunt around for FOSS that will do the job <Alishams> what software was that? <Ryan52> an old version of fgdb. <Ryan52> :) <Ryan52> freegeek has used it's own database software for a long time. <Alishams> We want to set up some inventory tracking that is integrated into the POS, would you have any reccemendations? :) <Ryan52> why? <Ryan52> I think you guys would probably end up with the same problems "we" did. <Ryan52> tho I wasn't around at that time. <Ryan52> so talk to RiFraS =P <Ryan52> RiFraS: ^^^ Ryan52 leaves to go swimming <Alishams> thanks for the help, one more thing, were the problems documented anywhere, perhaps the wiki? <Ryan52> doubt it. talk to RiFraS. :P <Alishams> cool. thanks :) <aSmig> Alishams, consider for a moment, millions of trackable items, and thousands of relatively low skill volunteers who mostly want free stuff/knowledge but don't really care about the database. Errors come from people who don't understand how to work with computers and enter a few thousand items incorrectly by accident, or carelessness, or greed, or because that one guy was mean, or... vagrantc [n=vagrant@] has quit IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) <aSmig> Then there are physical logistics based errors... A full gaylord of parts meant to be stored for later gets loaded onto the recyclers truck. A year later, the database still shows a thousand power supplies but no one can find them. <RiFraS> Alishams, I am here RiFraS is groggy <Alishams> brb, phones <aSmig> RiFraS, I think the question at hand is weather inventory is worthwhile at a FreeGeek, and if so, what software to use. <RiFraS> thx -- caught that (mostly)


<Alishams> cool to pm? <RiFraS> sure <RiFraS> i define an inventory system as something that tracks which gizmos you have on hand and where they probably are. <Alishams> At free Geek vancouver, we want to have some inventory software that will tie into a POS. I heared you guys had problems trying to do this. Would you be able to outline some of the problems you guys had so we can hopefully avoid them <RiFraS> that is largely difficult for reasons mentioned <RiFraS> what we do do is track built systems with id numbers so we can tie who built it, etc., to the computer <Alishams> yup, we want to do a store inventory as well, as in all parts that will be in the store <RiFraS> we measure how many items of a type go out in the store via POS <RiFraS> for example, 7 CRTs sold <Alishams> And you guys just use fgdb for that? <RiFraS> not CRTS with tracking number 2345 and 4567 got sold <RiFraS> yes. fgdb is used for that <RiFraS> we used to try to put id numbers on most large items (printers, systems, monitors) and that created lots of bad data in the db -- making analysis useless. <RiFraS> so we moved to a system of measuring how many items come in and go out <RiFraS> the exception is in built systems -- so we can have reports for the store and tech support about who messed up or fixed a system <RiFraS> but that doesn't apply to monitors, printers, etc. <Alishams> great thank you so much :) I'll contact you guys again if I have any other questions <RiFraS> ok <Alishams> oh, is fgdb also what is used at POS or another app that interacts with fgdb? <RiFraS> fgdb is what we use for POS

Opinions on what is needed


  • As user friendly as possible
    • layout similar to outlook
      • tasks as tabs (quick switcher)
        • Booking in would be one tab, deductions would be another, separate tab for future.
          • Future- to do virtual invoices- deductions done automatically
  • Changing quantities passworded.
  • Search box, preferable live
    • linking search box to fg website would be cool.
      • Area for keywords, when putting in items. TAGS possibly, say 17inch crt or types of ram DDR2 1gig.
  • Location area as another field.
  • Use bar code from orig manf. if possible.
    • Eval could scan on incomming and mark fail in sys.
  • Possible for pics next to items
    • Assuming network can handle.
  • Password as protection to stock figures and movements.


  • Photo of item x2
  • Pick different fields and do a report based just on those fields.
  • User friendly, simpler the better.
  • Takes different peices and lumps together.


  • POS tie in
  • scanner is open, good to have,
    • not particulary needed now, but can be useful later.
  • location of product from a terminal
    • Needs to be able to (re)confirm with store by email
      • Some sort of click to confirm button.


  • location, type- fleshed out, customized.
  • Tell us where and how many we have.
  • Tie in bar code scanner for system and items
    • Tie in to build process and bug database (roundup/whatev we use).
      • Tie in with POS. for flowthrough.
  • Extend to store anything that comes in.

Possible Software To use

Free Geek DB

  • Used by Mothership
  • Need them to import code to make it usable


  • Possible choice for POS. Maybe one frontend for db, another for POS, have both talk mysql [1]

Lemon POS [2]

Cubit POS [3]

  • BSD license
  • Last release was 344 days ago.
  • Want people to contact them for latest release, though this is possible, seems time consuming.
  • Not too sure on details of interface.


  • More feature rich than Kexi
  • Has not had a release since 2006


  • Admittedly not as feature rich as knoda or Rekall [4]
    • What are these missing features?



  • appears to be missing tabs for quick switching, though needs verification.

Wiki Pages Created or Significantly Modified

Policy from minutes

  • Public forum/mailing list policy. Public_forum_code_of_conduct
    • Staff meeting, 20090821
  • produce and use incident report form.
    • Staff meeting 20090814
  • FG will not offer tech support during the day
  • Free Fridays will continue
    • Staff Meeting 20090807
  • There will be a Lock safe for HR related information.
  • Operations list will be used for non-sensitive matters and non-only staff matters
  • Calendar additions will only be done by Volunteer Coordinator and Education Coordinator, and build by Build Coordinator. Additions to adoption class only by Volunteer Coordinator or Education Coordinator. Only 3 people tops
  • Staff should have a wiki account.
    • Staff Meeting 20090724
  • Items that are not ready to sell or Museum items are not for sale.
    • Staff Meeting 20090612
  • Bikes cannot be locked to the fence outside the back door.
  • Staff need to be here 10 mins before we open – we need to be ready to open at 11.
  • Everyone needs to pitch in on opening and closing.
    • Staff Meeting 20090605
  • We will give scribes time to work on the minutes immediately after the meeting (30 min or so). Other staff can cover for them so they can do this. Other staff can help by approving the minutes quickly on the list. We can help remind scribes to follow up and post minutes to the general list and wiki.
  • Fridays should be volunteer-free. If staff want to schedule volunteers on Fridays, clear it at a staff meeting ahead of time. We will need to figure out what to do about receiving, which may be an exception to this (E.g. could have one support vol + one regular/beginner who want to work most of the day).
  • Support training is ok on Fridays, and other days.
  • Go ahead with benefits as originally promised.
    • Staff Meeting 20090424
  • Consensus: All agreed to asking CC to not send sex offenders to FG as FG can only ask for groups to not be sent as more detailed information is not available.
    • Staff Meeting 20090326