Staff Meeting - 2010-07-09

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Staff Meeting minutes for Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Luke (facilitator), Alishams (scribe), Luke, Jax, Jessica, Jordan, Tyler, Reegan, Mike, Connie, Mike, Chris


  • Staff check in: Staff are holding up, there is some sadness about the missing staff. Directors agreed it a hard time.
  • Hours/Log in: Luke proposes that all staff send their hours in once a week. Chris will add these together. Consensus.
  • Intern Hours: Connie would like interns to be able to make up hours that they haven't worked. Currently they are being paid 40 hours a week even when they are not in for 40 hours. Proposal to allow interns to make up the hours they have been paid for but not done, as of today interns will be paid hourly as other p/t staff.
  • Scheduling: Proposal of no more than 5 new volunteers per day. Jessica, Connie and Cheryl will all work together to improve scheduling.
  • Build: There is no build coordinator now, Patrick has offered to cover this for free for two days a week. Kim, Alec, Mike M, Brian K and Cecilia are all volunteers who can and will help to build coordinate. Connie can also help to run build if there is time. Jessica commits to contacting Kim, Alec, Mike M, Cecilia, Brian K and Patrick to coordinate them to cover build over a week. Jessica/ Connie commits to organizing the log so that the temp build instructors.
  • Terminated Staff: Connie would like there to be additional compensation for the staff who were terminated. Everyone agreed it was a sad situation that we are in, but that we shouldn't change our decision.
  • Executive Director: Jessica would like to see an exec director position. Staff and Director meeting are to be simultaneous, we are one. For HR issues, Chris will take these to the board.
  • Membership: Jordan would like to make everyone at every General Meeting who wants to be a member, a member. Consensus. Jordan will look into how to add people as members by next Tuesday.
  • Operational Deficiences: How do we make the place more efficient? Jax feels the store is doing well. Mike is concerned that Jessica can't always cover receiving. Deferred.
  • Truck: There is a possible one ton truck being given to FG in the next week. Woot.
  • Support Volunteers: Luke proposes that we solicit support volunteers to cover major stations that need covering like phone desk and receiving. Unpaid interns are awesome, Jessica has two right now for six weeks. Other staff might want to look into advertising for them. An announcement will be sent out asking for what we need in the next week, Jessica commits to starting this on the staff list.
  • Mike's Hours: Mike needs 20 hours a week to get medical. Deferred.
  • Tuesday Agenda: Luke is considering adding things to the agenda late. He will ask if general minds the late additions. Currently there is software policy and warehouse on the agenda. Chris commits to adding other items that have been on the mailing list to the agenda. Jax suggests a CHANGE agenda item. Jordan and Luke will make a beautiful report for general to see where we are at.
  • Cash Flow: Luke says we still need to make way more cash. Jessica suggests that all staff and directors look at selling things we currently don't. Jax commits to making up an announcement of what is on sale.
  • Wholesalers: Deferred.
  • Next Week Schedule: Luke will email the next weeks schedule.
  • First Aid: Reegan will do first aid next week so there is someone able to do first aid while Jessica is away.

Operations Plan Commits:

  • Store: Jordan and Jax to tidy store.
  • Cave: Over the next week Jordan and Jax will clear the cave.
  • Macs: Mike will put safety issues up on wiki.
  • Laptops: Store will wholesale more laptops Jax, Tyler and Chris, with accordance to BAN. Tyler and Jax will work on laptop documentation /station creation.
  • Warehouse: CRTs at incoming will be reduced by suggesting the public take them to return-it.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Primary concern to keep store full. Store will send an email everyday to the staff list.
  • Craigslist/Wholesale: Every one commits to looking to make more cash for things just sitting in the warehouse. The wholesale person is whoever is in the store. Reegan will help with wholesale.
  • Donations: Mike is committing to making two donation boxes.
  • Grants: Alishams will work on grants.