Staff Meeting - 2010-06-18

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Staff Meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 18th, 2010 at 2:30pm
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Attendance: Jordan (scribe), Mike M, Jamie, Cheryl, Connie, Jon (facilitator)



  • again asks for a report on any chemicals brought on-site. MSDS binder lives under the First Aid Station. Instruction sheet goes with person to paramedic.
  • Each station has an emergency kit (cpr, flashlight, fire extinguisher) one located at the mezz, store and warehouse.
  • List 20 CGI post production company marketing list given to Connie for computer donations.
  • Got 30 servers from a donator.
  • Vangaurd and other respective companies reports very quiet
  • London Drugs/Metro Vancouver has no items to send to us

over the last 4 days we have a donation increase of 40.5% from last week. This week we received 200 systems, last week 110.

Cheryl worked in the store.


  • windowless wednesday had the usual people
  • discount car rental went under so pickup was not made manifest
  • car coop requires getting a credit card
  • bought a vacuum
  • bought emergency supplies


  • Ordered dust masks from mills basics
  • worked on marketing list
  • working on grant proposals
  • received a phone call referral from London Drugs by a client for a desktop unit


  • story coming out in Vancouver 24 Hours on Tuesday
  • doing social media updates
  • repairing whole sales relationships with Reboot


  • sales are extremely slow
  • 2 boxes a day to sell, there are not enough boxes
  • $600 was the highest day thus far
  • doing online marketing
  • having a hard time with some of the wholesalers, trying to fix the relationships
  • notes needing the ability of volunteers with the ability to sell
  • referral business is happening
  • received 3 returned geek boxes and 4 monitors, monitor QC is perhaps at fault.

New Business

Build Boxes

Mike says that build boxes are leaving with faulty parts.


Mike:The boxes have not been setup 100%, ie: a computer that leaves with a DVD drive cannot play DVD's Jamie: Look at the date of the QC sheet, check the date. See who was running build. Mike: the software is not fully set up, its not the hardware Jamie: People had been placed into an adoption class but no systems we waiting for them. Jon: Mariam setup the communication log


Commit: Mike to talk to Geoff about QC with build boxes Commit: Mike is to record systems ID's of broken build boxes

Marketing / Incoming


Confusion about the marketing station, is it actually a station or what's going on? Jordan : Open office spreadsheet about different companies and venues to contact. Will contact tech people such as gaming, telecommunications. Presented ideas on marketing: Twitter about their purchase, get a discount for next purchase. Interested in RT. Facebook about their purchase - @FG Need to break into social scene that are low cost Jamie: Connections to health sector? Jordan: Connection of a connection. Want to get a meeting with head IT staff. John/ Jamie: Be aware of what the clientele wants and being personable. Jordan: Drop word at tech shops about being an ethical recycling. Solicit donations from hardware grants, either hardware or monetary. Tactfully Connie: Working Virtual Flyer Jamie: Place the e-flyer on our site. Perhaps add some street kit or get involved pack to a get involved site. Have a disclaimer. Let's keep in mind our legaleeze Jordan: we need access to website Connie: perhaps we need to update our website, you just need to add an account Connie: we finished compiling our listserv


Jordan: commits to adding to marketing and outreach spreadsheet Commit: Cheryl to work on letter and list of HW grants recipients

Car Free Day

We need volunteers


Connie: we have stickers, flyers, and CD's as well as ram keychains Jon: Did you ask Ubuntu Vancouver for discs? Connie: No Jon: They're a great resource for us, next time let's use their CD's Cheryl: Can we take some stickers etc to Aboriginal Day? Connie: Are we doing all car free days?


Commit: Connie will contact Ubuntu Vancouver



Mike: Wholesalers- appease specifics or all? Jon: Changing a wholesaler isn't like changing a customer. Jamie: Would like to diversify of wholesalers. Free geeks should be allowing more competition in order to generate revenue. Concerned about high value items going to a sole competitor, must treat all wholesalers alike. Jordan: Agree the points but do you think that the competitor is a good customer? Jamie: Depends on what you mean. Jordan: From a business point of view, shouldn't we continue to our good relationship. Thing I like, whatever they don't sell they bring it back to us. Jamie: Generation of revenue from ... impacts us. Connie: don't see why its a problem to sell a different wholesale Jordan: we should sell to a multitude of wholesalers Jamie: Does not want to remove the wholesaler, but instead bring in more clients. Perhaps we can set quantity pricing. Not pushing the client away but giving it a fair playing field Connie: It's diversifying Jordan: let's put a plan together to handle keeping the wholesaler on board Mike: let's diversify Jon: Let's all focus on this plan and send Jordan our feedback, I dont want to see this go the way of so many other free geek plans.


Commit: Jordan to put a wholesale business plan together, 2 weeks maybe 2.5 connie commits to helping.

Staff Harmonizing

Jamie would like to talk about staff harmonizing


Jamie: Asks if there's a disagreement please leave the premises. Jon: It takes two to fight, let's especially not do this in a public arena. Jamie: He sent an email to the staff list, suggesting we write anonymously about the ongoing issues. The problems are always happening and never get resolved. The problems are cyclical. Jamie proposes to write out all our concerns, but be professional and truthful. Not deceiving, not fallacious. Type it up and print it out and place them in an envelope and hand them to the board of directors. Pick out any catalysts and resolve them. Its point is to regress back and not skim the froth off of the top. Jamie: Proposes to hold on to these letters Mike: really likes this idea Connie: proposes to hold on to the letters, and place them in the safe Jon: we can trust us enough to do this. Jordan: should we wait for staff to do this by consensus? Jamie: it was proposed no one objected. Connie: we are not considered staff, the lack of communication to us makes things difficult. Jon: we're supposed to be a team they should be on staff lists Jamie: agrees Jordan: proposes to add interns to staff or add a new list for interns that sends to staff


Consensus agreed, add interns to staff list.



Jordan: BAN is not happy with us, Jim Puckett needs to be contacted. We need to get in contact with them in order to verify downstream, we also need to be audited by March 2011. Jon: Jessica has been in contacted, said so in AGM. Jamie: It concerns me that they are hearing rumors. Jordan: I don't know if they actually have heard rumors. Heard from other people that Jim Puckett, hasn't heard from us. I want to resolve what the rumors are. Jamie: Downstream has been the same since forever. Jordan: That's what I thought. Jamie: No new downstreamers come on board.


Jordan commits to connecting with BAN to see where we stand.



Cheryl: We need a place for volunteers to send comments to Jamie: I've already proposed this, Connie: we should have a survey Jordan: we should use google forms Connie: is there anyway to speed along website developement. Jordan: the content needs to be up to date Connie: accessibility of the site Jamie: Does not like the site either. Jon: we've had the problem of this site before, its a problem of the platform. Connie: sponsorship Jordan: no! Jon: we should commit someone (connie and cheryl) to finding someone to redo the site Jordan: We're not changing engines Jon commits to updating the site. As well jordan and luke.



Mike : Should we remove the sign in the back about donations? We say give what you can Jon: We have a lack of donations so far, yesterday we had a slow day. Jamie: 50% of people donate. Connie: we take it down Mike and Jamie: had people walk away.


Commit: Mike commits to take sign off door. Commit: Cheryl commits to making a new sign.