Staff Meeting - 2009-07-31

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Staff Meeting minutes for Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Jamie (facilitator), George (scribe), Ifny, Patrick, Jessica, Jamie, Alisham, Dennis, Justin, George

Concensus Meeting

Pre-meeting Staff Report

None/Merged with Agenda

Business from last meeting minutes



Adoption boxes / Peripheral Specification

  • Miscommunication in terms of specs, workshop organizing, prep etc
  • So we are standardizing specs:
    • Optical mouse w/ 2 button + scroll
      • Preferably PS/2; if not, USB
      • No need to test them before hand since we can just swap them.
    • Keyboard:: Any, but preferably PS/2. If not, USB.
    • Speaker: Standard Stereo (no subwoofer)
      • Preferably NOT crappy, with AC
    • Monitor: Any CRT, as long as we have them.
    • Color (of machines): Anything that will be nice to them.
  • Important is to make them feel special and good (they are our volunteers)
  • Workshop organizing/prep
    • KB/Mouse is usually no prep. Patrick can prepare them on tues usually.
    • Usually we do not have enough speakers. With planning will have all available by tues night
  • (Suggestion): Maybe an adoption bins? Maybe pre-tested and pre-sorted (also makes them feel better, instead of telling them they cannot have it.
    • Also make staff/volunteer easier instead of 25 minutes to get everything.


  • Suggestion: Move to old bench due to traffic
  • Suggest builders to clear out the bench on tuesday.
    • We are to clear build bench at T-30.
  • We have a adoption class on Aug 1 morning and Aug 5th.


  • If there are stuff out of stock in store, write an email.
    • May have longer period BUT have better record.

Technical Support/ Policy Refresh

  • Reminder: No walk-in tech support.
    • If they are adopter/Bought machine, maybe.
    • If laptop: direct to Hackery
  • Our mandate is tech support on Windowless Wednesday only.
    • It is hardcore, but we must stick to our message.
  • If anyone is asking for tech support BY store cordinator's name (patrick now), call him to reconfirm.
  • Also phone other person as well if we do anything by a staff's name.
  • Also, train volunteers on answering the warehouse (receiving) phone

Patrick's review

  • Try to do it when the interns are still here.
  • Aug 14 or Aug 21?
    • Probably Aug 21.
  • One director + 2 staff (or more)
    • Tyler, Alec

Strange phone calls

  • History: On Aug 29, some one is making a threatening phone call to FG, been approaching different staff to get a certain laptop, and is piss off due to that we do not have it.
    • Persistent and directly called to everyone's cellphone.
    • Did not mentioned his name.
  • Solution: Direct call to Iffny. Try to minimize contact
  • Also: If someone demand to speak with boss/manager, RED FLAG.
    • Any problem, forward to Iffny.

Upcoming dates

  • Aug 1: Set up for wednesday
    • Especially for adoption class
    • Not just clearing the benches: There are wires which is just confused
    • Also: label the shelving of the computers (since they are wrongly label)
    • There are serious OHS issue in mezzanine
      • Plenty of junks in corridor
      • Mainly is that people did not have the adoption box till 11:45
    • For horizontal stuff: Steve can get them
    • In any case, we should not make them wait.
  • Aug 4: NO WORK (BC day)
  • Aug 5th:
    • Adoption class
      • About 4 adotpers
    • Windowless Wednesday
      • Interns, Steve (linux), patrick(hardware), Iffny will be there. Jessica for babysit??
      • Since It's james first day back, Jessica will be off instead
      • Steve and Patrick will do Babysit?
      • Maybe Jessica come in late (so she can do babysit?)
      • Overtime paidment (interns): Yes?
  • Aug 6th: Radio Canada will come in.
  • Aug 14th: A movie shoot nearby at alley Starting from 17:00 to night time
    • May have difficulty for parking, etc.
  • Craft service?
    • Maybe inside.
  • HR meeting: Every wednesday at 18:15.


  • When around volunteers, NOT gossip about other volunteers
    • Minimize trust.
    • If one must do it: Praise in public, criticize in private
  • Volunteer information IS employment information (Confidential)
  • The word “orphan” - not good.
    • What if there are tours/adopters that ARE orphan?
    • HR suggest not to use “orphan” anymore.
    • ”Adoption” is okay.
    • Steven suggest “Donated”


  • HR commitee: Ifny, Patrick, Jane, Alex, Ashley
  • So will be rotating staff per meeting
  • Anyone can ask for review at anytime.
  • Suggestion form HR:
    • One from HR, and someone who they work closely.
  • Also, for review, the staff can refuse request.
  • Moving review from 3 to 2 monthes
  • Our hiring policy:
    • 3 monthes is “probation”.
    • HR suggest move to 2 monthes.
  • Policy about staff-staff/staff-volunteer
    • Portland: No.
    • HR feel we do not need to a policy
    • But a behavior guidline:
      • Important for staff/volunteer
      • Ensure woman feel comfortable (due to high male-low female ratio)
      • Ensure have appropriate behavior
      • Also, a right to be loved (and give consent)
  • Also, daters should not be on review panel

Events on September

  • Jessica will be in UK in September 29th.
  • Jane will be going to UK September 9th.
    • Back on 19th.
  • So: For Jessica: Get some interns to train up some volunteers as support volunteers.
    • Going to be a huge part to take a workload off Jane/Jessica.
  • Thoughts from HR
    • Cultivate support volunteers
  • Also: temporary intern/hiring? Open hiring?
    • Interim is usually ad-hoc/emergency


  • Erasing whiteboard
  • Alisham and other interns go to review/documentation


  • Clean up for adopters and Windowless wednesday.
    • builders are to clear build bench at T-30 the day before workshops and classes (eg: 17:30 at Tuesday)