Proposals for Special Resolutions

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These proposals were made and passed at the 2008 AGM.

1. MOTION: No seconds are needed for motions to be carried. (should be seconded)
2. MOTION: Membership at Free Geek is free.
3. MOTION: the current 5 members shall agree to undertake decision-making by consensus during the AGM. (Grounds: Conduct at the AGM should reflect the reality of Free Geek's decision-making methods.)
4. MOTION: For the duration of this AGM, the current Board of Directors shall defer their authority to the will and consensus of the current membership. (Grounds: board authority should not extend to its own makeup.)
5. MOTION: For the duration of the AGM, the current members agree to respect and hearken to the consensus of individuals people present who have been to 3 Free Geek meetings, have volunteered at Free Geek, and who may be considered to be in good standing. (Grounds: Conduct at the AGM should reflect the reality of Free Geek's decision-making methods. The input of all present is welcome, but blocking privileges should require certain involvement with the organisation.)
6. MOTION: The entire board shall step down from office during the AGM; if they wish they may run for re-appointment and be re-selected by consensus.
7. MOTION: Candidates shall retire during the discussion of appointments to the board. No minutes or notes of any kind shall be kept (Grounds: allows for franker discussion and discretion, while respecting people's feelings and protecting individuals from possible repercussions)
8. MOTION: Candidates shall nominate themselves. (Grounds: Endorsement should not interfere with evaluation; opportunities for expressing support exist in the discussion process.)
9. MOTION: After all candidates have had the opportunity to self-nominate, the membership may invite an individual to self-nominate who has not yet done so. (Grounds: some people need a little encouragement.)
10. MOTION: if the membership wishes to appoint a candidate to the Board who is not yet a member, the candidate in question may be immediately inducted as a member with full privileges.