Operational Responsibilities

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  • Oversee the Front Desk
  • Receive and distribute snail mail
  • Organize, maintain, and document a centralized filing system
  • Insurance
  • AGM Organization
  • Safe Combo
  • Liaison for WestCan
  • Lease Liaison
  • Building Maintenance
  • Officer
  • Policy Development


  • Accounting Software
  • Bank Deposits
  • Petty Cash Caretaker
  • Primary Accountant Liaison
  • Signatory for Account
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Online Banking
  • Payroll
  • Budget Stewarding
  • Bill Payment
  • Tax Remittance
  • Credit/Gas cards
  • Paypal

HR & Volunteers

  • Benefits Liaison
  • HR Legalities Manager
  • Staff Evaluations
  • Volunteer Orientations
  • Volunteer Scheduling
  • Help volunteers to work in most areas at Free Geek
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to do daily tasks
  • coordinating support roles and internships
  • create events and systems for volunteer recognition and rewards
  • Create system for filing/addressing complaints
  • solicit feedback from staff and volunteers


  • BAN Liason
  • Intergalatic Liason
  • Media Liason
  • info@fgv.org
  • Website Content
  • Mailing List Moderator
  • Public Announcements
  • Geek Booths
  • Print & Visual Materials
  • Answer phone, check & relay messages to appropriate places
  • Internal Communications
  • Tours


  • Windowless Wednesdays
  • improve educational aspects of volunteer programs
  • Facilitate workshops that hone teaching skills and cultivate teachers from volunteer pool
  • Design, implement and coordinate relevant workshops; standardize training; schedule regular classes
  • Design, implement and coordinate volunteer-run technical support infrastructure
  • Document curriculum online
  • develop and actively maintain documentation
  • collect statistical data related to educational programs
  • Coordinate educational workshops and instructors


  • Overall Store Coordination
  • Stocking
  • Pricing
  • Signage
  • Day-to-day Staffing
  • Till Programming
  • Daily Cash Out
  • Deliver quarterly reports to the general membership
  • Wholesale Contact Point Person
  • Develop and grow wholesale customers


  • Develop, implement and support the Community Build Program
  • Coordinate with other staff to maintain stock
  • Standardize training
  • Educate and mentor volunteers with an emphasis on independence
  • Coordinate volunteer build instructors
  • Provide regular feedback and oversee evaluation of prospective builders
  • Ensure the standardization and quality of built systems
  • Collect statistics on inventory, dispersal, and volunteer resources
  • Prepare reports
  • Develop and maintain documentation
  • Design and implement relevant workshops
  • Build IT, configuration, scripting


  • Recruit, train, and retain appropriate volunteers for production areas
  • Create, update, and/or refine documentation in all production areas
  • Create new testing procedures to explore new hardware avenues
  • Locate and prepare items for the Thrift Store

Warehouse & Recycling

  • Maintain and supervise recycling and receiving areas in warehouse
  • Schedule recycled material pickups with recycling/transportation vendors
  • Record quantity and weight data from vendors for use in monthly/yearly reports
  • Organize recycled materials in the warehouse; keep warehouse organized and clean
  • Build and organize skids of recyclables
  • Pallet jack operation (training is available)
  • Document procedures and processes
  • Maintain safety policy compliance in warehouse and receiving area
  • Train and support volunteer workers to perform required recycling tasks
  • Interact with visitors and computer donors
  • Quality controlling goods for recycling
  • Liaising with Freight and Recycling companies
  • Monitor stock levels (Packaging items, Pallets etc)
  • Maintain and address Safety issues
  • Identify incoming contraband and direct public accordingly
  • large-volume donations


  • Fugu Liaison
  • Telephone Admin
  • Network Admin
  • Website Admin
  • Email / List Admin