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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development. Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

Workgroup: General on unknown
Discussion is taking place at Talk:How to develop a policy/proposed

Developing a policy at Free Geek

Outlined below is a process that Free Geek uses to Develop and Document Policies and Guidelines.

So you have an idea for a policy
  1. Research current applicable policies and proposals
  2. Find a couple of people to bounce your idea off of.
  3. Document your Proposal idea for the applicable group.
    NOTE: this can be done on the wiki and a link mailed to their list
    If you are proposing a new policy you should put its text on a new page. Please clearly label the proposal by including this template, {{Policy-proposed}}, at the top of the page. (Below is a full page cut and past for policy pages)
    • Please clearly separate your proposal into sections:
      1. the policy you propose (Remember process is not policy but how you comply with a policy)
      2. reason this policy is needed (would this be a change to a current policy)
      3. anything you came up with during your research
  4. Discuss the Proposal
    Discussion about the proposal should take place in the discussion link for that page, or on the mailing list. From time to time a rough consensus will be formed around various points in the proposal and at that time the main page should be altered. This allows us to separate the general conversion (ideas that we talk about but may not end up in the proposal) from the actual proposal we end up making.
    We need to keep in mind that folks who don't use the wiki will have opinions. These people should be encouraged to use the wiki, but current wiki users should also seek out and summarize their input, recognizing that not everyone who ought to weigh in on an issue will be a wiki user.
  5. Finalize the the policy
    When a policy is finalized (when consensus is reached through the wiki, email lists, face to face meetings, and so on) we will re-label the main page as policy using the Template:Policy. The policy templates take care of the category function of the wiki making compiled lists of proposals and policies automatic. Be sure to include which group adopted the policy and on what date, if possible link the date to the meeting minutes at which the proposal was adopted.
    For example:
    {{Policy | workgroup = General | date = [[Monthly Meeting - 2009-09-10|September 10th, 2009]] }}
    Would go at the head of a policy adopted by General on September 10th, 2009

Updating a policy

Once a policy needs to be updated a new proposal should be created, insert the template {{Proposed-update}} into the currently accepted page. Then copy the content of the current page to the new proposal page and change the proposal to use {{Policy-update}} instead of {{Policy}} while removing the proposed-update template. Notify the relevant work groups and proceed same as a new policy from step 4.

Wiki page format for policy proposals

Three sections in a page: header, policy, and notes.

 | workgroup = unknown
 | date = unknown

== Preamble ==

Any introductory text about this policy, if not necessary delete this entire section

== Policy ==

The policy itself

Include some or all of:
* the process for complying with this policy
* Related policies
* Interpretation/Implementation/Commentary
* Examples/Background/History
* Exceptions/Ramifications
* Etc...