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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development. Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

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Is something bothering you at Free Geek? If so lets work it out! Below is our formal procedure for grievances, this is the most effective way to solve any important issues you may have.

Definition of grievance

A grievance is an alleged violation of Free Geek's principles and policies.

Who do I make my grievance to?

Please report to a member of Free Geek staff as soon as possible. That member of staff shall forward your grievance to the HR work group (consisting of both staff and directors of Free Geek), who in turn will assist you with the grievance procedure. All information of your grievance will be kept confidential to the staff and HR workgroup.

What Happens Then?

Free Geek endeavors to settle grievances fairly and promptly in the following manner:

  • The grievance will be submitted to a member of Free Geek staff in writing. It is preferable for Free Geek that grievances be reported within one calendar month of their occurrence.
  • The member of staff will give the report to the HR committee, where it shall be discussed at the next HR meeting, usually within a week.
  • The decision made by HR on the grievance will be reported to the staff at their weekly staff meeting for approval.
  • Once the decision has been approved, the aggrieved shall be notified by a member of staff in writing.
  • If the decision is unsatisfactory for the aggrieved then an appeal can be sent in writing directly to the HR workgroup.