Directors Meeting - 2012-08-30

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Directors meeting minutes for August 30th, 2012 at
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Attendance: Scott N. (facilitator), Anne D., Mike M., Wayne F., Nigel C., Sarah W., Chris H. (scribe)


Presentation from previous Board of Directors
Treasurer’s report
Employees: hiring and contracts
Ban policy
Time sheets
Director meeting schedule
Radix Theatre
Director's roles
Credit card

Presentation from previous Board of Directors

Presenter: Wayne F.

Treasurer’s report

Presenter: Nigel C.
Bank account signers have changed to Nigel C. (Director), Scott N. (Director), Chris H. (Director), and Tim A. (Staff).

Employees: hiring and contracts

Proposal to hire Michael DuBelko part-time for two days per week. Approval from Directors and Staff required. Accepted by Directors. HR committee will take proposal to Staff for decision.
Accepted proposal to hire Karen Nygaard to perform bookkeeping services for the Society. The time Karen has been involved previously performing these duties makes her an expedient choice. The contract will be for 37 hours per month for a period no later than January 2013. This time will allow for a steady transition of these responsibilities to the current Board.
Accepted proposal from HR Committee to hire the applicant Mike Frost for the position of Laptop Coordinator.

Director meeting schedule

Regular Board of Directors meetings will be scheduled for the last Monday of each month.


Remaining items on the agenda will be brought forward at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday, September 24th, 2012