Directors Meeting - 2011-11-03

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Directors meeting minutes for November 3rd 2011 at
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In Attendance

  • Joshua
  • Scott
  • Wayne
  • Rod
  • Karen
  • Devenne
  • Christine


Joshua ~ Doing fine, reporting Business Plan mtg went well.

Scott ~ Been away and still a bit out of the loop. Has concerns about OHN

Wayne ~ Bonus/Raise proposal coming along, but staff concerns should be addressed with the bonus proposal to be presented at the next monthly meeting.

Rod ~ OHN experience has been stressful, people working on windows which is not allowed and questionable volunteer behavior is also a concern.

Karen ~ I am really just looking for some structure and some guidelines to follow. I also want to be more involved in the financial side of things.

Devenne ~ Very, very busy, I have taken on more duties at my day job. A little overwhelmed at this point.

Christine ~ Feeling tired, very busy, my personal objectives are being neglected.

Consensus ~ Monthly meetings, to be held the last Thursday of each month, December of course excluded. Next meeting to be held at Scott's place.

Discussed ~ Director's meetings to be open to staff, all who can attend and observe. They can be a good source of information we may need. Consensus not achieved. This issue was tabled for more discussion at the next meeting.

Consensus ~ Director meeting minutes to be mailed first to all directors for a second look before they go "public".

Some personal achievements to hoped be reached before August 2012

  • Clear definition of FG governance
  • Re-define the election process for new directors
  • Leave the organization financially sound
  • See measurable growth either by cash, recycling, other revenues.
  • Better relationship between the staff and the board of directors, perhaps by redefining FG corp culture
  • Improve public awareness of FG
  • Implement marketing plan community outreach
  • Put major policies in place eg. employment policy
  • Explore possibilities for adequate store space, classroom space, drop off boxes.

Director self assessment

How often? How to measure our performance? Procedure for internal assessment of directors and their performance to be held informally and on a quarterly basis.

GOAL ~ Create a policy for guiding board assessment


Scott and Joshua need to sign up.

TO DO LIST - Low, Med, High Priority Discussed and decided upon, point by point.

We decided the owner assigned on the Redmine issue was responsible for the item. If they do not or cannot deal with it they must find someone else.

Stemming from Rod's recent experiences at FG, writing an incident report to fellow directors should be in order if the director needs backup or advice.

Filling vacancy left by Bill's resignation from the BOD. The bylaws dont specify time limits to fill the vacancy, but to make it clear to all who have concerns about this issue, we have discussed the expertise lacking on our board and we have decided to embark on a search for a potential board member who is at this time, a practicing lawyer.

Lastly, the need for a retreat to clear the air between the staff and BOD may be an option to discuss for the new year. Wayne also has a speaker in mind to come and speak to us, can we perhaps combine the two?