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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development. Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

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Why have conflict resolution meetings?

Free Geek is a beautifully diverse and productive place. Staff and volunteers alike have to communicate efficiently, respectfully and consistently in order for us to thrive. Occasionally, as members of the flawed human race we fail to do this, causing conflict. This is when conflict resolution can help! Conflict resolution meetings are great ways to encourage open, honest communication in situations when the flow of communication has broken down. They can improve the overall atmosphere of Free Geek aswell as improve the communication between the individuals involved.


  • Identify communication breakdowns between you and another member of Free Geek.
  • Request a moderator for the meeting, preferably someone with whom both parties feel comfortable and supported.
  • Book a time when all three parties can take a solid set amount of time to leave the building and meet. Locations outside of Free Geek can reduce stress in this sort of a situation.
  • Begin the meeting with the moderator asking both parties to explain where they think the communication has broken down, how that is making them feel and how they would like the communication to improve. The moderator should let each person express this and then let the other respond in turn. It can be important to use specific situations as examples for clarity.
  • End the meeting with a list of commitments from both sides on how they are going to rebuild the relationship and prevent this from happening again.
  • Report the commitments from the meeting to the appropriate workgroup/meeting. This is important because often many people are aware of the conflicts between others and it encourages them to resolve their differences in a productive way.
  • Follow up as necessary, with all present at the meeting regarding the commitments.
  • Hug each other as and when needed.