Annual General Meeting - 2012-07-19

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Annual General Meeting minutes for Thursday, July 19th, 2012, 7:00pm at
Location: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver BC
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  • Christine Ho
  • Anna Knowlson
  • Anthony Li (+ guest)
  • George Wong
  • Wayne Fung
  • Scott Nelson
  • Jeffrey ?
  • Geoff Bowers
  • Sarah White
  • Nigel Cornwall
  • Anne Der
  • Brian K
  • Chris Hooper
  • Joshua Caldwell
  • Mike McManus
  • Brian Matheson
  • Kim Kulak
  • Arielle Friedman
  • Mike Frost
  • Michael DuBelko
  • Dave Floyd
  • Justin Devonshire
  • Karen Nygaard
  • Alec Smecher

7:15pm Call to Order

Introductions / Roles

  • Facilitator: Alec
  • Regulator: Karen Nygaard
  • Scribe: Anna Knowlson
  • Consensus Briefing: Wayne Fung

Review minutes from 2011 AGM

Minutes of previous AGM have been posted online since last year. Last year's minutes are accepted by consensus.


Staff Report (Geoff Bowers)

  • 2011 was stable for staffing
  • 2012 Jessica moved on
  • 2012 Arielle and Joyce came on as interns
  • 2012 Mike Frost brought on

Directors' Report (Scott Nelson)

  • There is a three month contingency fund in place in order to pay staff
  • Wayne Fung: created systems processes and put them in place – i.e. smoothing relationships between staff and board, communication skills, long term relationships between staff and board
  • Alec Smecher: Longer term goals – recurring issues of board having to reorient each year
  • Karen Nygaard has written up a director's handbook with assistance from others

Finance Report (Christine Ho)


Selection Process

  • Alec: New process developed by committee. Key points:
    • Per bylaws, we require 5 directors, including a treasurer and secretary.
    • Selection process is derived from Sociocratic Principles.
    • No need for anyone to leave the room.
    • No "directors at large" -- each chosen director will be brought on to fulfill one or more specific roles.
    • Not all roles must be filled, notwithstanding the ones required by bylaws.
    • Roles should be agreed upon by consensus before selection begins, beginning with a list suggested by the current board.
  • Self-nominated directors introduce themselves
    • Scott Nelson
    • George Wong
    • Mike McManus
    • Joshua Caldwell
    • Christopher Hooper
    • Anne Der
    • Nigel Cornwall
    • Sarah White
  • Roles for director selection
  • Directors selected into roles.
    • Board facilitator lead: Scott Nelson
    • Assistant board facilitator lead: Nigel Cornwall
    • Treasurer: Nigel Cornwall
    • Secretary: Chris Hooper
    • HR lead: Sarah White
    • Anti-harassment lead: Sarah White
    • Marketing lead: Anne Der
    • Recycling lead: Mike McManus
    • Legal and bylaw lead: Chris Hooper
    • Volunteer recruitment and management: Sarah White, delegating/calling on others as necessary

Meeting ends 9:30pm.