AGM/2012 Director Roles

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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development. Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

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Discussion is taking place at Talk:AGM/2012 Director Roles

Board facilitator lead

  • setup board meetings, schedule, create agendas and follow process. Follow meeting procedures, e.g make sure minutes are produced.
  • assist with formation of committees
  • resolve board disputes
  • assess board effectiveness
  • guide other directors in determining board priorities
  • communication - draft statements
  • moderate mailing list(s)

Assistant board facilitator lead

  • assist and back up board facilitator lead


  • financial reporting
  • auditing financials
  • budget lead, creating and tracking
  • oversee finance; evaluate financial processes and standards;
  • keep financial records


  • record keeping; keep minutes of all meetings of the society and directors
  • submitting documents to the provincial authority as required
  • maintaining membership database
  • issue notices of meetings of the society and directors
  • conduct correspondence of the society

HR lead

  • staff career development
  • staff compensation
  • hiring and firing committees
  • help resolve staff conflicts
  • peer performance review process

Anti harassment lead

  • lead education for staff and volunteers
  • investigate incidents
  • refining policy

Marketing lead

  • lead business plan creation
  • maintain and create contacts in the recycling area
  • create new initiatives
  • justify actions via business plans
  • advertise and create FG image

Recycling lead

  • keep up to date on industry activities
  • network within in the industry
  • advertise FG capabilities

Legal and bylaw lead

  • review bylaws and recommend changes
  • lead the process to make actual changes
  • lease administration
  • review insurance coverage and renewal
  • investigate safety / security and other potential liability issues

Volunteer recruitment and management

  • listen to volunteers and determine their needs
  • create ways to reward volunteer activities
  • volunteer recruitment