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The current Free Geek Vancouver Logo.
The alternate new logo.

Free Geek Vancouver's logo is an adaptation of the original Free Geek logo to include "Vancouver". As well, ours features the open-source Liberation family of fonts.

In the summer of 2012 we created a new logo for a new t-shirt design. It is meant to be printed in white with any colour background, though thematically, green would work best.


Large formats

Small formats

Business Cards

Currently, the business cards are kept on our account with Vistaprint.ca. They look like this: Business_card_draft.png

Legacy Stuff for Old Logos and Cards


Here is the logo in METAFONT. Unlike the other logos, this one is not fuzzy, even if resized. It will print using the proper resolution of the printer. The normal size is set to a width and height of one inch each, and depth of zero.

(Currently, links to these metafont files are only accessible from our internal network.)

  • fglogo.mf - Main driver program for compiling the logo.
  • logo_data.mf - Result of svgtomf.awk program.
  • svgtomf.awk - Converts the SVG. This might stop working if the SVG is changed, so please use METAFONT to create any new logos (you can convert METAFONT to PNG easily if needed).
  • (Preview at 600DPI)

Business Cards

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